About us

FinanceEquipment.com.au was established in 2002 to provide independent, impartial advice and financial products for businesses and business owners looking for equipment finance.

We are fiercely independent of any other financial institution and we work solely to provide the best finance solutions for our clients.

We have no “favourite” lenders and our remuneration is identical from each panel lender for comparable products.

We make the lenders work to finance your loan rather that you having to go from lender to lender seeking out a better deal.

We have particular expertise in assisting

  • the transport industry,
  • the excavation industry,
  • the manufacturing industry,
  • bus fleet owners and
  • tradespeople

with the right financing for vehicles and equipment.

Our focus is on ensuring that our clients:

  • Obtain the best financing package for their needs not just the one with the cheapest rate.
  • Optimise their taxation position through the chosen loan package.
  • Receive the best possible service from both us and the chosen financier.
  • Benefit from our comprehensive market knowledge of packages and new facilities from our wide panel of lenders.

Our focus is on you, the client.

The principal of FinanceEquipment.com.au is Chris George a long time finance professional with an intimate knowledge of the commercial finance world.

Meet Chris George

Chris was born and grew up on rural properties in country New South Wales and still retains a strong empathy for the country, its people and primary industry.

In fact many of his long-term clients are based in rural Australia.

Chris had a career at the Commonwealth Bank from 1989 to 1995 after which time he transferred to CBFC, the Commonwealth Bank’ s finance company subsidiary.

He worked at CBFC until 2002 and in that time picked up his extensive knowledge of commercial financing and leasing products.

In 2002 Chris left CBFC to establish FinanceEquipment.com.au.

FinanceEquipment.com.au was established by Chris out of his belief that many businesses were not receiving the best deal available simply through lack of knowledge and access.  He saw FinanceEquipment.com.au as a way to rectify that situation and also as a way to provide businesses looking for finance with more options and better service.

Chris is married with two children and is passionate about cricket and NRL.

Simply click here or call 02 9457 0869 to contact FinanceEquipment.com.au.

Remember it costs you nothing to get a better deal.