Business Financing Options

Commercial financing options that suit your business specialises in matching an individual business’s financing needs to the most applicable product, at a competitive interest rate.

We take into account the bigger picture, including the tax effectiveness of the product recommended, in our assessment.

We are totally impartial on choice of lender because we work solely for our client and we are remunerated at the same rate by each member of our panel of lenders.

We have been looking after our clients’ needs in this manner since 2002.

Please note that this information is general in nature and does not include taxation implications or taxation effectiveness as individual circumstances can vary so much.  We can readily supply you with those details just call 02 9457 0869 or click here.

Popular financing options include:

Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage is similar to a real property mortgage except that the security the lender takes is over moveable items rather than real estate.

The business (borrower) maintains legal ownership of the goods.

The lender takes a lien over the moveable property secured by the chattel mortgage until the loan has been repaid.  Upon repayment full ownership reverts to the borrower – the encumbrance is taken off the title.

Commercial Hire Purchase

In commercial hire purchase the financier maintains ownership of the vehicle or equipment financed and gives the business possession of those goods.  In return the business makes regular payments over an agreed term.

When the final payment is made ownership is transferred to the business.

Lease Finance

A financial lease allows the lessee (business) to select the asset to be acquired.  The financier then purchases the asset and leases it back to the lessee for a set term.  The lessee uses the asset during the term of the lease and makes lease payments during the term of the lease.

Through the lease payments the financier recovers all or part of the costs plus interest.  At the end of the lease period the lessee can acquire ownership of the asset at an agreed price or return it to the financier.

Operating Lease

Generally an operating lease is used to finance equipment or vehicles for a shorter term than would be considered to be the normal useful life of the equipment in question.

The lessee (business) pays rent to the lessor (financier).  This is generally a single monthly payment which can include acquisition costs, registration and CTP as well as ongoing maintenance.  This type of facility is particularly suited to  motor vehicle fleet operators.

The lessor maintains ownership of the vehicle or equipment.

Specialist financing options strives to satisfy the needs of its clients in areas outside the more standard options listed above.  Two areas, in particular where we regularly satisfy their needs are:

Insurance Premium Funding

Insurance bills can hit at the one time and be a major impost on a business’s cash flow.

Insurance premium funding provides a simple fixed rate facility to allow you to spread your payments out over a 12 month period.

There are no security requirements for this type of facility.

Low Doc Loans

These loans are most often used to purchase vehicles for business use.

They allow a business owner, who might not necessarily have all the necessary paperwork or their cash flow is too irregular for a standard loan to finance their purchase, albeit at a slightly higher interest rate.

If you need a business vehicle and you need it now a low doc loan might just be the solution.

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