Our Free Broker Service

Our free Finance Broker service to you

How are we able to provide our finance broker services to you for free? In basic terms, the lenders pay us.

As commercial finance brokers, when we help arrange your commercial finance a decision will eventually be made as to which lender to proceed with. This lender will be the one to pay us. We receive our commission only when your finance application settles and you receive the funds to complete the purchase.

And to help ensure that only suitable products are offered to clients, a number of years ago the finance industry introduced fixed commissions. This means that for any given loan or finance product, an identical commission is payable across all lenders. This is typically a percentage of the overall loan value.

So knowing this, feel certain that;

  • You do not need to pay is anything for our service to you.
  • The lender that you receive money from will pay us when your loan or finance settles.
  • We have your best interests in mind when recommending finance products.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your finance needs, call us on 02 9457 0869 or fill in a finance enquiry.