Bank Statements

Information Regarding Bank Statements have partnered with illion BankStatements to provide a secure, automated and free service which allows you to quickly submit bank statements directly to us. It’s designed to simplify and speed up the loan application process.

How does it work?

We provide you with a secure web link that directs you to a webpage where you can start the statement submission process. Once you’ve selected your bank, you’ll be able to login to your online banking through a secure BankStatements portal. Using a read-only process, your bank statements are retrieved from your account and sent directly to us.

Benefits for you

  • It’s fast and easy – it usually takes less than a minute to complete the process. This means no more lining up in your bank to get the statements you need
  • We receive your statements almost instantly, which means your loan application gets processed faster
  • It’s mobile friendly so you can complete the process on any mobile device or your desktop computer

How secure is it?

  • It’s a one-time retrieval and it only happens with your authorisation
  • Since the service is read-only, we cannot transact on your account in any way
  • Your financial data is encrypted with bank-level 256-bit encryption, secured by 2048-bit keys – this is the same level of protection that your bank provides
  • Your bank login details are never stored, they are encrypted and securely discarded immediately after you log in
  • BankStatements is regularly audited by independent security experts to ensure the highest levels of data protection and security

What about your privacy?

Adherence to Australian privacy principles and laws is at the core of this service. All illion servers are located in Australian data centres and your personal details are never shared with or sold to third parties.